Changing Lives

Newid bywyd

“Nobody is willing to play with me and everybody bullies me and tells me that I’m evil! Can you make me normal?”

These were the words of Kabbir as he lay on the operating table in the theatre.

Can you imagine his happiness four days later that when he came back to have his stitches removed. Thanks to BanglaCymru he has a new life ahead and a Welsh flag in his hand!

Would you be willing to help the thousands of other children who don’t have the opportunity that Kabbir had?

Bangladesh, according to United Nations statistics is Asia’s poorest country, and more children are born with cleft lip / palate here than in any other part of the world. It’s estimated that five thousand children are born with this condition in Bangladesh annually but only half of them are treated because of lack of funds and medical provision. So many of these are living lives of shame, isolation and scorn mainly due to ignorance and superstition. The operation we offer changes their lives dramatically, not only visually, but also emotionally, socially and economically.

The aim of BanglaCymru is to offer treatment for these poor unfortunate children , to raise awareness about the condition and what can be done to correct it and to offer help in the form of advice, information and treatment in their own locality, especially for those who cannot afford to travel. Our ultimate hope is to create our own self-sufficient and autonomous medical team and establish ‘cleft’ medical centres in outlying areas of Bangladesh.