Part 1 – 2020

As you’re all aware, BanglaCymru still exists and is as active as ever. Recently I spent 18 days in Bangladesh and saw with my own eyes the excellent work that’s taking place. I receive three monthly reports from our medical co-ordinator, Dr Jishu; a financial report pertaining to staff salaries and rent, a report on the workings of the health centre and an update on the regular mobile surgeries which are held in the poor areas.

During my stay I travelled with the BanglaCymru medical team to Tangail, a city 100 miles to the north of the capital, Dhaka. In a hospital in the city on our first day we arranged a medical assessment of all the patients that had requested to be seen, and it was decided that 38 babies and young children mostly were eligible and strong enough to be given the operation.  The next few days operations took place on two operating tables, starting at 9.00am and continuing to the early hours of the following day. The work was completed successfully and shortly after our departure we were informed that another three patients had arrived late, so arrangements were made for them to travel to Chittagong where our medical centre is located to have their operations as has happened to others during the year.

Towards the end of our stay in Tangail we were invited to meet the Executive Director of the Tangail Social Services Society, Mr Abdul Hamid Bhulyan. What he said really lifted my heart when he suggested that the BanglaCymru cleft project could become a permanent part of the medical facilities of the division. This was indeed a positive message for me, our supporters and especially Dr Jishu to know that our work will continue in that area.

Images of the team working

I also spent time in our medical centre with BanglaCymru staff; Dr Dippa our lady doctor, Sulika our health worker, the caretaker and of course, Dr Jishu. During my stay two mobile medical surgeries were arranged in the poor areas; one in the local slums and the other on a nearby island where there’s no medical provision.

Since the beginning of the BanglaCymru financial year which began on July, 1st, 2019 we have operated on 50 patients which brings the total to 1,410 since the establishment of the project. Once again, I thank you from the bottom of my heat for your support, and shortly, at the end of our financial year, I will be sending you my annual report.