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Part 1 2018 When reflecting on my recent visit to Bangladesh to monitor the work of BanglaCymru I did so with a mixture of emotions from happiness and pride to sadness and heart-ache. Following the medical team’s visit to the


Part 1 One of the significant factors about my 3 week stay in Bangladesh this time was the extreme weather. At times the temperature reached almost 40 degrees and for days we were expecting a serious cyclone. The local people


Part 1 After spending three weeks in Bangladesh it’s good to report that the political situation with all its blockades and strikes has stabilized. However, the word ‘stability’ wouldn’t be the word to describe the night we had an earthquake


1, Annual Report July 1st 2014 – June 30th 2015  Once again, this report is a synopsis of the year’s main events in the continuing success of BanglaCymru. As you’re aware I send out regular updates via emails, and for


Part 1 Last year was a very troubled period in Bangladesh. The situation escalated from month to month until it reached a climax when the general election took place at the beginning of the year. One tactic of the ‘Jammat


Part 1 The first quarter of 2013 dawned on the work of BanglaCymru with assiduity and success. Three ‘cleft camps’ were organised within days of each other in various parts of Bangladesh and one over the border in Uttar Pradesh

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Part 1 The new year brought success and further progress for BanglaCymru. A ceremony, organised meticulously by Dr Jishu was held to officially open the BanglaCymru Cleft Care Centre at the Centrepoint Hospital, Chittagong. The chief guest was Professor Brian

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Part 1 – 2011 The beginning of the new year brought great happiness to one very poor family in Bangladesh. Sabbir, a four year old little boy who became our first burn patient received the last part of his treatment


Part 1 – 2010 The latest session of operations took place in the Sylhet area where BanglaCymru hired an operating theatre for three days at the Women’s Medical College Hospital, Sylhet. Following the consultation and medical assessment it was decided


Part 1 – 2009 It was a pleasure once again to visit the pauper’s South View Hospital, Dhaka where Dr Jishu, the medical co-ordinator had arranged at least thirty five operations to take place under the banner of BanglaCymru at